Jan-Willem Romeijn
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Journal articles

Contributions to books, proceedings and reference works


Editorials and special issues
  • EPSA15 selected papers, proceedings of the 2015 EPSA conference, with M. Massimi and G. Schurz, Springer, with a brief preface, 2017.
  • Special issue on Individual and Social Deliberation with an introduction on Individual and Social deliberation, Economics and Philosophy 31(1), 2015
  • Special issue on Radical Uncertainty, with an editorial on Radical Uncertainty: Beyond Probabilistic Models of Belief, Erkenntnis 79(6), 2014
  • Special issue on All Models are wrong, Statistica Neerlandica, 66(3), 2012
  • Special issue and interview with members of the Tilburg Centre of Logic and Philosophy of Science, The Reasoner 4(7), 2010
  • Proceedings of Foundations of the Formal Sciences VI, College Publications, edited with B. Loewe and E. Pacuit, 2009
  • Special issue on Combining Probability and Logic, edited with F. Cozman, R. Haenni, F. Russo, G. Wheeler, and J. Williamson, Journal of Applied Logic 7(2), 2009
  • Special issue and interview with M. van Lambalgen, The Reasoner 2(9), 2008

Book reviews and prefaces

Dutch publications