Travel Information

From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

Before booking: We recommend you choose an outbound flight arriving Schiphol 8:00am–10:00pm and a return flight departing Schiphol 1:00pm–11:59pm.
The train between Schiphol and Groningen takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes each way. Outbound direct trains depart Schiphol for Groningen 8:19am–11:19pm weekends and 6:19am–11:19pm weekdays. Return direct trains depart Groningen for Schiphol 7:05am–10:06pm weekends and 5:06am–10:06pm weekdays.
If your return flight departs Schiphol before 12:00pm on the weekend or before 10:00am on a weekday, then there are two options.
  1. Take the train to Schiphol the day before your return flight and stay overnight at a Schiphol-area hotel. See the list of Schiphol-area hotels.
  2. Reserve a taxi from Groningen to Schiphol. The cost is 185 euros one-way for a car seating four people, 235 euros one-way for a van seating eight people. See Schiphol Groningen Taxi's Website or call +31 (0)508507519. Reserve at least one day before your flight.
After arrival: Purchase a one-way train ticket to Groningen from an employee working at the Dutch Railways (NS) Ticket Desk in Schiphol Plaza.
Plan of Schiphol Plaza
A one-way first-class ticket from Schiphol to Groningen costs about 43 euros; a one-way second-class ticket costs about 25 euros.
Take the direct train from Schiphol to Groningen, which leaves from Platform 3 at 19 minutes after the hour; its final stop is Groningen. The last train from Schiphol to Groningen departs at 11:19pm. The scheduled journey time is about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Make sure you take your seat in the front part of the train, where "front" is in the direction of travel, because this train will split at a certain stop. After splitting, the front part will go to Groningen, and the back part will go somewhere else. After arriving at Groningen station, the taxi stand is easy to find.

From Bremen Airport (BRE):

Before booking: Consult the Public Express website to see whether there is a direct bus that will take you to Groningen. Travel by train from Bremen Airport to Groningen is also possible but cumbersome.
Book a round-trip ticket for a direct bus from Bremen Airport to Groningen online via the Public Express website; the cost is about 35 euros. The bus leaves from the Ryanair terminal of Bremen Airport. The journey to Groningen will take approximately 3–3.5 hours. If you do not book your ticket in advance online, there may not be a seat for you on the bus. There are at most five bus departures per day. After arriving at Groningen station, the taxi stand is easy to find.

Local Public Transportation

For door to door public transportation information, please consult the Journey Planner.


Hotel reservations will be handled by the Groningen Congres Bureau and can be made along with your registration. For a list of hotels and prices and the Groningen Congres Bureau's contact details, see:
Hotel Information (PDF)