Monday July 11, 2011

8.00 Registration
9.00-17.40 Workshop
"Reasoning about Other Minds: Logical and Cognitive Perspectives".
Program available here
18:00 Welcome reception for all workshop and TARK participants at the Provinciehuis.
This reception is offered to you by the University of Groningen, the Municipality of Groningen and the Province of Groningen

Tuesday July 12, 2011
Main TARK Conference, 1st Day

Krzysztof Apt, Sonja Smets, Rineke Verbrugge
9:15Invited Tutorial
Itzhak Gilboa
Questions in Decision Theory
10:20Coffee Break
10:50Contributed Talks: Beliefs and Awareness
Giacomo Bonnano
AGM Belief Revision in Dynamic Games

Horacio Arlo-Costa and Hailin Liu
Value-Based Contraction: A Representation Result

Alexandru Baltag, Nina Gierasimczuk and Sonja Smets
Belief Revision as a Truth-Tracking Process

Sander Heinsalu
Equivalence of the Information Structure with Unawareness to the Logic of Awareness

14:00 Contributed Talks: Bargaining and Social Choice
D. Marc Kilgour, Steven J. Brams and Todd R. Kaplan
Three Procedures for Inducing Honesty in Bargaining

Felix Brandt and Markus Brill
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Strategyproofness of Irresolute Social Choice Functions

Yann Chevaleyre, Jérôme Lang, Nicolas Maudet and Jerome Monnot
Compilation and Communication Protocols for Voting Rules with a Dynamic Set of Candidates
15:15 Tea Break
15:45 Contributed Talks: Intelligent Interaction
Amir Ban and Nati Linial
The Dynamics of Reputation Systems

Adam Dominiak and Jean-Philippe Lefort
Agreeing to Disagree Type Results under Ambiguity

Ido Ben Zvi and Yoram Moses
Known Unknowns: Time Bounds and Knowledge of Ignorance
17:00Closing of the 1st Day

Wednesday July 13, 2011
Main TARK Conference, 2nd Day

9:00Invited Talk
Yossi Feinberg
Strategic Communication
10:05Coffee Break
10:35Short Presentations (10 minutes each)
Adam Bjorndahl, Joseph Halpern and Rafael Pass
Reasoning About Justified Belief

Floor Sietsma and Jan van Eijck
Message Passing in a Dynamic Epistemic Logic Setting

Barteld Kooi and Bryan Renne
Generalized Arrow Update Logic

Luca Aceto, Wiebe van der Hoek, Anna Ingolfsdottir and Joshua Sack
Sigma Algebras in Probabilistic Epistemic Dynamics

Nina Gierasimczuk and Jakub Szymanik
A Note on a Generalization of the Muddy Children Puzzle

Omar Al-Bataineh and Ron van der Meyden
Abstraction for Epistemic Model Checking of Dining-Cryptographers Based Protocols

Jérôme Lang, Gabriella Pigozzi, Marija Slavkovik and Leon van der Torre
Judgment Aggregation Rules Based on Minimization

Piotr Faliszewski, Edith Hemaspaandra and Lane A. Hemaspaandra
The Complexity of Manipulative Attacks in Nearly Single-Peaked Electorates

Maria Silvia Pini, Francesca Rossi, Kristen Brent Venable and Toby Walsh
Weights in Stable Marriage Problems Increase Manipulation Opportunities
12:05Discussion with Poster Presenters at Poster Boards
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Business Meeting
14:45Invited Tutorial
Larry Moss
Connections of Coalgebra and Semantic Modeling
15:50 Tea Break
16:20 Contributed Talks: Strategic Games
Soumya Paul and R. Ramanujam
Neighbourhood Structure in Large Games

Tobias Harks and Max Klimm
Congestion Games with Variable Demands
17:10Closing of the 2nd Day
17:30 Guided City Walk
19:00 Conference Dinner:
Award of Best Paper Prize and Best Poster Prize
Dinner Speech by Joe Halpern on the Occasion of the 25 year Anniversary of TARK

Thursday July 14, 2011
Main TARK Conference, 3nd Day

9:00Invited Talk
Johan van Benthem
Exploring a Theory of Play
10:05Contributed Talk: Best Paper Prize
Noga Alon, Felix Fischer, Ariel Procaccia and Moshe Tennenholtz: Sum of Us: Strategyproof Selection from the Selectors
10:30Coffee Break
11:00 Contributed Talks: Temporal Aspects
Xiaowei Huang, Cheng Luo and Ron van der Meyden
Symbolic Model Checking of Probabilistic Knowledge

Andreas Witzel
Perfect Recall of Imperfect Knowledge

Cédric Dégremont, Benedikt Löwe and Andreas Witzel
The Synchronicity of Dynamic Epistemic Logic
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Contributed Talks: Protocols
Sara Miner More, Pavel Naumov, Brittany Nicholls and Andrew Yang
A Ternary Knowledge Relation on Secrets

Hans van Ditmarsch, Sujata Ghosh, Rineke Verbrugge and Yanjing Wang
Hidden Protocols

14:35Tea Break
15:00Rump Session
16:30 Closing of Main Conference

Friday July 15, 2011

9.15-17.00 Workshop
"Quantum Physics Meets TARK".
Program available here