AiML 2014 Accepted Papers

Sara L. Uckelman. Reasoning About Obligations in Obligationes: A Formal Approach
Sonia Marin and Lutz Strassburger. Label-free Modular Systems for Classical and Intuitionistic Modal Logics
Che-Ping Su. Paraconsistent Justification Logic: a Starting Point
Yanjing Wang and Jie Fan. Conditionally knowing what
Philippe Balbiani and Tinko Tinchev. Computational complexity of PRSPDL-validity
Juha Kontinen, Julian-Steffen Müller, Henning Schnoor and Heribert Vollmer. Modal Independence Logic
Facundo Carreiro and Yde Venema. PDL inside the mu-calculus: a syntactic and an automata-theoretic characterization
Jie Fan, Yanjing Wang and Hans van Ditmarsch. Almost Necessary
Renate A. Schmidt, John Stell and David Rydeheard. Axiomatic and Tableau-Based Reasoning for Kt(H,R)
James Hales, Edwin Tay and Tim French. A composable language for action models
Adam Přenosil. A Duality for Distributive Unimodal Logic
Wesley Holliday. Partiality and Adjointness in Modal Logic
George Metcalfe and Michel Marti. A Hennessy-Milner Property for Many-Valued Modal Logics
Jan van Eijck and François Schwarzentruber. Epistemic Probability Logic Simplified
Valentin Goranko and Steen Vester. Optimal decision procedures for satisfiability in fragments of alternating-time temporal logics
Ivano Ciardelli. Modalities in the realm of questions: axiomatizing inquisitive epistemic logic
Tomoyuki Suzuki. On polarity frames: applications to substructural and lattice-based logics
Nick Bezhanishvili and Silvio Ghilardi. Multiple-conclusion Rules, Hypersequents Syntax and Step Frames
Hans van Ditmarsch, Jie Fan, Wiebe Van Der Hoek and Petar Iliev. Some Exponential Lower Bounds on Formula-size in Modal Logic
Stanislav Kikot, Ilya Shapirovsky and Evgeny Zolin. Filtration Safe Operations on Frames
Walid Belkhir, Gisela Rossi and Michael Rusinowitch. A Parametrized Propositional Dynamic Logic with Application to Service Synthesis
Andrey Kudinov. Neighbourhood frame product KxK
Mark Reynolds. A Tableau for Temporal Logic over the Reals
Lauri Hella, Kerkko Luosto, Katsuhiko Sano and Jonni Virtema. The Expressive Power of Modal Dependence Logic
Lauri Hella and Antti Kuusisto. One-dimensional fragment of first-order logic
Umberto Rivieccio. Bilattice public announcement logic
Daniel Gorin and Lutz Schröder. Subsumption Checking in Conjunctive Coalgebraic Fixpoint Logics
Valentin Shehtman. Canonical filtrations and local tabularity
Sam van Gool. Free algebras for Gödel-Löb provability logic
Hitoshi Omori and Michael De. More on Empirical Negation
Farid Zaid, Erich Graedel and Stephan Jaax. Bisimulation Safe Fixed Point Logic