Jan-Willem Romeijn
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Here are links to some tv-appearances and filmed lectures:

  • In November 2015 I gave a short interview about my lectures to legal professionals, as part of a film for the Kenniscentrum Filosofie at the University of Groningen.
  • For the 400-year anniversary of the University of Groningen in 2014 I participated in a short film about reorienting ourselves on renewable energy. (The password for the film is "Bart".)
  • In July 2011 I gave a presentation on frequentism and chance at the Ludwig-Maximilians university in Munich. My presentation was filmed and can be found among the many other MCMP presentations here.
  • In October 2010 the local television network TV-Noord dedicated an edition of their science programme Adamsappel to probability and statistics. Enjoy the interview with footage from the casino and the racing track.
  • In February 2010 I won the university-wide Lecturer of the Year Awards. Have a look at my 7-minute lecture on Reasoning with Probabilities. (Downloading Silverlight normally takes only a few seconds.
  • In the autumn of 2009 I appeared on local television to talk about the direction of time. Have a look at Adamsappel and fast forward to 6:40 minutes, which is where the part on the philosophy of time starts.

The following is a selection of the presentations that I gave over the past years.