Jan-Willem Romeijn
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About me
I am professor of philosophy of science at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Some recent and upcoming events:

  • Together with Michela Massimi I am co-chairing the programme committee for the 2015 conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA).
  • I organized a symposium about "Learning from Others" at the upcoming PSA conference in Chicago. Other speakers are Richard Bradley, Denis Bonnay, Mikael Cozik, and Olivier Roy.
  • In October I comment on, and present joint work with, Hannes Leitgeb during his Descartes lectures.
  • This year I will again offer philosophy lectures to judges and public prosecutors. The theme of the lectures is "Group deliberation".

My research revolves around probability theory and scientific method. Topics of specific interest are statistical inference, inductive logic, model selection, logical and probabilistic reasoning, causal and probabilistic modelling, and experimentation. I have an interest in general philosophy of science, but most of my work work relates to methodological and metaphysical problems in specific sciences, primarily physics and psychology. In 2010 I won a VIDI grant from the Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (NWO) for a research project on single-case chance. Have a look at the page of the project for a brief description.

Short biography
I studied at Utrecht University, where I graduated cum laude in both physics and philosophy. After that I worked as a financial consultant for two years. From 2000 to 2004 I worked on a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Groningen, for which I graduated cum laude in 2005. The first two years after that I lectured in philosophy of science and statistics at the Psychology Department of the University of Amsterdam. Until 2009 I carried out a research project on the intersection of cognitive psychology and philosophy of science in the University of Groningen. Since 2011 I work on a research project concerning single-case chance and statistics. More information can be found in my CV and in my list of publications, presentations, and outreach.

Here are links to some tv-appearances and filmed lectures:

  • In February 2010 I won the university-wide Lecturer of the Year Awards. Have a look at my 7-minute lecture on Reasoning with Probabilities. (Downloading Silverlight normally takes only a few seconds.)
  • In July 2011 I gave a presentation on frequentism and chance at the Ludwig-Maximilians university in Munich. My presentation was filmed and can be found among the many other MCMP presentations here.
  • In October 2010 the local television network TV-Noord dedicated an edition of their science programme Adamsappel to probability and statistics. Enjoy the interview with footage from the casino and the racing track.
  • In the autumn of 2009 I appeared on local television to talk about the direction of time. Have a look at Adamsappel and fast forward to 6:40 minutes, which is where the part on the philosophy of time starts.

News from the past
Selected links that once were news:

  • From August 29 to 31st 2012 the Faculty of Philosophy in Groningen hosted a conference on the Frontiers of Rationality and Decision. The conference website can be found here.
  • From April 18 to 20 of 2013 the department of Theoretical Philosophy is hosting a graduate conference on theoretical philosophy, for PhD students in Logic, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Science, Language, and Mind. The event is supported by the OZSW.
  • Together with Olivier Roy I organised a workshop on radical uncertainty at the Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy in January 2012. The presentations were filmed and are available on the web through here.