Hello and welcome on this website. My name is Ronnie Hermens and I'm a PhD student at the department of theoretical philosophy at the University of Groningen. This has been my main occupation since July 2011. Before this I studied physics and mathematics at the Univeristy of Nijmegen where I was also born (well, not at the university, but close to it on a particular scale).

In Groningen I am working on the VIDI-project of Jan-Willem Romeijn on the philosophy of chances. Specifically, I am looking at possible interpretations of probability used within the field of statistical mechanics. It is then the question whether or not an interpretation is tenable if one wishes to view statistical mechanics as a reducing theory for thermodynamics. While this is my main project at the moment, other projects are also under my attention or are pending.

One of the other projects concerns the possibility of assigning probabilities to conditionals. In particular, their possible correspondence with conditional probabilities as proposed by Stalnaker. Another project concerns the role foundational questions on mathematics may play in the philosophy of probability. For example, von Mises advocated the view that one should go beyond set theory to capture the nature of chances.

More info will follow in time, and this holds for this entire website.

Recent and upcoming events
2015 January 30-31 Conference: Quantum Computation, Quantum Information, and the Exact Sciences, Munich (site).
2014 December 11 PhD defense of L. B. Kuijer, Groningen (details).
2014 November 26 Herfst-Symposium Nederlandse Vereniging voor WetenschapsFilosofie, Groningen (poster).