Prof. Diderik Batens (Ghent University)
Dr. Maarten Coolen (University of Amsterdam)
Prof. dr. Martin van Hees (University of Groningen)
Dr. Paul Sheehy (Richmond upon Thames College)

Michiel Besters, BA. (Tilburg University)
Thijs de Beus, BA. (University of Utrecht)
Prof. dr. René Boomkens (University of Groningen)
Rieks Bruins Slot (University of Groningen)
Dr. Peter Cave (Open University and City University London)
Jan Degenaar, BA. (University of Groningen)
Marianne van Dijk, BA. (University of Groningen)
Dr. Siegfried Van Duffel (University of Groningen)
Robin Hawes, MA. (University College Falmouth)
Prof. dr. Marli Huijer (The Hague University & University of Groningen)
Jasper Jans (University of Groningen)
Dr. Bjørn Jespersen (Delft University of Technology)
Dr. Barteld Kooi (University of Groningen)
Prof. dr. Theo Kuipers (University of Groningen)
Dr. Christopher J. Kurtz (The New Mexico Center for Philosophical Problems)
Dr. Menno Lievers (University of Utrecht)
Dr. Gert-Jan Lokhorst (University of Delft)
Lisa McNulty MA. (Kent University)
Jaco van der Merwe BA. (University of Groningen)
Ulianov Montaño MA. (University of Groningen)
Drs. Sabine Netters (University of Groningen)
Nico Nuyens, BA. (University of Groningen)
Joel Parthemore MA. (University of Sussex)
Dr. Martine Prange (University of Groningen)
Dr. Jan-Willem Romeijn (University of Groningen)
Dr. Edward Spence (University of Twente)
Dr. Konrad Talmont-Kaminski (Konrad Lorenz Institute & Marie Curie-Sklodowska University)
Amanda Taylor, BA. (University of Durham)
Adam Trybus MA. (University of Manchester)
Drs. Arnold Veenkamp (University of Groningen)
Drs. Maarten Zeehandelaar
Iwo Zmyslony BA. (Catholic University Leuven)

This list will be updated regularly. Check the links for more information on speakers and lectures