Robin Hawes, MA. (University College Falmouth)

'Where Outside Ends and I Begin: An Artist's Perspective'

Speaking as an Artist, and not strictly part of the academic philosophical community, my presentation will attempt to give an insight into the processes of self discovery and creative reflection that combine to form a personal understanding of the nature of reality.

I will aim to do this by mapping my own personal journey through a creative career that spans 25 years. Drawing on knowledge from the visual sciences I will discuss the psychological and physiological connections that are the basis of my philosophical position. And in doing so, hopefully reveal how philosophy can fuel the creative process.

This background to my practice will also aim to serve as a useful introduction to the last part of the presentation which will be a short explanation of a research project I am currently involved with at Falmouth. In collaboration with a Cognitive Neurologist from the University of Exeter, the project involves using the latest eye-tracking technology to create art.

Robin completed his Master's Degree in Contemporary Visual Arts in 2005, and is now in the process of balancing a creative art practice with work for RANE (Research in Art, Nature & Environment) at University College Falmouth. His masters thesis was entitled 'The Relative and The Absolute', and current research interests draw on the physiology of the brain and the role of evolution in influencing our internal neurological constructs of the external world.