Dr. Barteld Kooi
(University of Groningen)

Dynamic Update with Probabilities
joint work with Johan van Benthem and Jelle Gerbrandy

Current dynamic-epistemic logics model different types of information change in multi-agent scenarios. We propose a way to generalize these logics to a probabilistic setting, obtaining a calculus for multi-agent update with different slots for probability, and a matching dynamic logic of information change that may itself have a probabilistic character. In addition to our proposed update rule per se, we present a general completeness result for a large class of dynamic probabilistic logics. Finally, we also discuss how our basic update rule can be parametrized for different 'update policies'.

Barteld Kooi is a postdoc at the Department of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Groningen. He is currently working on an NWO-VENI project Developing dynamic epistemic logic guided by old paradoxes and new techniques. He has published on epistemic, dynamic, hybrid, deontic and probabilistic logic.

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