Dynamic systems methods in the study of development
A practice-oriented approach


For Ellen Hamaker


For Tom Hollenstein


For Paul van Geert


After each lecture, there will be a computer workshop. The goal of these workshops is to introduce participants to some of the methods used in dynamical systems approaches to the study of development. Participants will get a hands-on introduction to the methods developed by the lecturers. Each participant will work at a computer, either with their own datasets or example datasets that can be downloaded here.

Information for participants

Please indicate on the registration form whether you will bring a laptop of your own to the workshop (please do if you can). Below, you can download the software that will be used. We will try to provide computers for those who cannot bring a laptop of their own.
Also, in order for everybody to be up to speed on the theoretical background of the methods used, and for everyone to get the most out of the workshop, we ask that participants read the introductory texts provided here.



For the general introduction: For Hamaker: For Hollenstein: For van Geert: