Progic 2009: 4th Workshop on
Combining Probability and Logic

Special focus: new approaches to rationality in decision making

17-19 September 2009
University of Groningen, The Netherlands



Logic and probability theory are often studied in conjunction to decision making, and for good reason: we want our reasoning to be rational because the reasoning precedes and controls for actions. But the models for rationality in reasoning have seen major changes and additions in recent years: logicians have taken a dynamic turn, and probabilists have discovered network tools and new representations of uncertainty. In this workshop we address the question how these developments in modelling rationality carry over to the science of decision making.

The Progic workshop is organised in conjunction with the first meeting of a European research network on rationality and decision, pending a final funding decision. Confirmed speakers for this joint event include: Johan van Benthem, Luc Bovens, Richard Bradley, Igor Douven, Jim Joyce, Wlodek Rabinowicz, Teddy Seidenfeld, and Jon Williamson.



The programme of the conference can be found here, and a document with short abstracts here. Note that immediately after Progic09, we will host the second leg of an exchange workshop between the Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method of the London School of Economics, and the Philosophy Faculty at Groningen. All participants are cordially invited to attend the talks by LSE staff members, followed by comments from Groningen staff. A programme for this event can be found here.



After the conference all the slides will be made available on this website. Here are some of the slides in advance, as well as some papers on which the talks are based.



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To get to Groningen, you can fly to Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam. From Schiphol Airport you can take a direct train to Groningen, leaving at 19 past the whole hour from platform 3. Alternatively, you can take the train leaving at 49 past the whole hour from platform 3 and change at Amersfoort. At Amersfoort you arrive on platform 2b. The train to Groningen leaves from the opposite side, on platform 1.

Alternatively, there is the small and convenient Eelde Airport near Groningen. Please check their website for the latest on connections to Groningen. Bus 52 brings you to the Groningen train station.

Most of the hotels are within walking distance from Groningen train station. There is a taxi stand to the left of the exit of the old station building. If you wonder what your walk will be like, please consult the following map, or use Google maps which offers a street view too.



There are many hotels in the centre of Groningen. Here are a few suggestions in different price ranges, all of them in the old town centre.



The First Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic was held at King's College London in 2002.
A special issue of the Journal of Applied Logic 1(3-4), 2003, was devoted to the themes of the workshop.

The Second Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic was held at the London School of Economics in 2005.
A special issue of the Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 15(1-2), 2006, was devoted to the themes of the workshop.

The Third Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic was held at the University of Kent at Canterbury in 2007.
A special issue of the Journal of Applied Logic, devoted to the theme of the workshop, is in print.



This conference is organised by Martin van Hees, Jan-Willem Romeijn and Olivier Roy, supported by the Progic Steering Committee.



We are very grateful to the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO for providing financial support.


Progic 2009 : 4th Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic