AiML 2014 Accepted Short Presentations

Yanjun Li. Privacy in arrow update logic
Andrzej Indrzejczak. Cut-free Hypersequent Calculus for the Basic Temporal Logic of Linear Frames
Alessandra Palmigiano, Sumit Sourabh and Zhiguang Zhao. Algebraic canonicity for regular modal logics
John Horty and Eric Pacuit. Knowledge and action in labeled stit logics
Alexandre Madeira, Renato Neves, Luis Barbosa and Manuel A. Martins. Hierarchical hybrid logic
Ilya I. Osipov. Van Benthem-Rosen theorem for the bimodal fragment of the first-order logic
Igor Sedlar. Extended Dynamic Models, Partial Correctness and Substructural Logics
David Gabelaia, Maarten Marx, Kristina Gogoladze, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Mamuka Jibladze. Modal logic of the planar polygons
Giuseppe Greco and Sabine Frittella. Display-type sequent calculus for monotone modal logic
Hans van Ditmarsch, Wiebe van der Hoek and Barteld Kooi. Arbitrary Arrow Update Logics
Alec Citkin. Refutation in Intermediate Logics
Peter Fritz. Incompleteness in Stalnaker's Theory of Contingently Existing Propositions
Sara L. Uckelman. Intuitionistic Provability and the Structuralist Account of Modal Operators
Diana Costa and Manuel A. Martins. Quasi-Hybrid Logic
Patrick Blackburn and Klaus Frovin Joergensen. Hybrid Logic and 'Now'
Christopher Hampson. S5xDiff has the exponential product model property
Philippe Balbiani, Vincent Demange and Didier Galmiche. A sequent calculus with labels for PAL
Eduardo Espinosa Avila, David Fernández and Francisco Hernández-Quiroz. A logic for bounded rationality
John Stell and Dirk Hofmann. Bi-Intuitionistic Arrow Logic
Sérgio Marcelino and Carlos Caleiro. Conservativity of fibred logics via reflective translations
Tadeusz Litak and Albert Visser. Constructive fixpoints and the Loeb axiom